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Three reasons to visit our galleries

Eye contact with art – Mental relaxation – Real encounter with an artist

Eye contact with art

Studies have shown that when we contemplate an object of art, we stimulate the motor cortex, which is the part of the brain that controls the movements of the body. We don’t just see an object of art, we feel it with every cell in our body.

This is why art must absolutely be touched visually, because only then does it come to life. Our spaces can be loaded with meanings and our imagination and awareness of interpretations. That is why we have created in our gallery the most comfortable atmosphere possible, where apparently different art objects complement each other in a surprising way, immersing the viewer in the world of beauty without preventing them from enjoying it. . This is why our galleries in Nice and Knokke are open every day of the week and if for some reason you cannot make it to us, we organize online tours for you to enter. contact with art objects.


Mental relaxation

When we chat with our visitors, we are often and genuinely surprised by the range of emotions and interpretations they feel when facing the works of art seen in our walls. Each time, we are infinitely happy and grateful to all who share their thoughts, or even keep them to themselves, slowly drifting between works of art. It is important to remember that we are all different and the peculiarities of our contemplation of art are also different.

There are masterpieces that shock us, upset us or even anger us. But each of these emotions does not exclude our pleasure. Art can magically excite and calm at the same time. Contemplation is relaxing and even healing. Art has the power to free us from thoughts, grueling everyday life, and anxiety. The art object looks at us and we relax, find harmony, we turn inward, we know and realize. Art necessarily teaches us to look at the world through the eyes of another, and it is this ability that allows us to develop empathy, so necessary in the modern world.

Real encounter with an artist

We cannot cynically call this a gallery option or special service. For us, this is an opportunity to bring you, our clients, closer to art, to familiarize yourself with the world of the artist not only through the prism of his works, but also through communication. live. That is why we regularly organize open exhibitions and exclusive private meetings with artists. The prospect of communicating with the creator, of asking him the most pointed and detailed questions, of touching not only the result, but also the artist is perhaps one of the most valuable opportunities we can offer you.

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