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Three reasons to follow us on Instagram

Daily artistic content

Instagram is a great tool for any field of visual culture. The synergy between art and technology allows us all to observe the total digitization of culture, which transfers the art object and you and me into a whole new dimension – virtual and accessible to almost everyone. Such a “teleport” offers special transparency to the art market, and allows you and us to communicate and interact without hindrance.

We publish new and carefully selected content every day. We not only share images of works of art, but we also tell their stories, show artists and exhibit their ideas and concepts. We also flirt with visual codes, design and style our stories so that you can enjoy art information through your phone screens as comfortably as possible. We always favor dialogue rather than monologue, which is why we are always happy to receive your comments, questions and reactions. We are a gallery that not only shows, but also speaks.

Our latest news

On our instagram, you will quickly discover upcoming events, openings, new art objects and the gallery’s success on the European market. For our subscribers too, we make special offers for access to open vernissages, private events and give various nice gallery bonuses. What is more precious than receiving fresh art news firsthand and being able to engage with the gallery anytime, anywhere in the world?

+1000 points for your karma

By subscribing to our Instagram, you not only receive a nice variety of ribbons with art objects. We too – receive your attention and appreciate it very much. That is why to each of our subscribers we send billions of gratitudes and send endless rays of kindness and prosperity.

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