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Why do you need art in your home?


Finding works of art is one of the most basic interior design jobs. Art in an interior conveys emotions, creates an atmosphere and makes the space truly individual, adding special meanings to its interpretation. This is where we will be happy to help.

If you have found a work of art in our gallery that you like with an extraordinary dose of love, do not hesitate to buy it. Unfortunately, it’s so easy to miss something and those regrets will stay with you forever. Artwork by popular artists often sells out quite quickly, so if you feel a connection to an artwork, buy it as soon as possible. Having a unique piece is very important in our endless reproduction world.



Don’t be afraid to periodically explore works of art that at first glance don’t match your tastes. Too often art in the interior is limited by forms, for example paintings or drawings, but it can also be sculptures or volumetric wall art. If you spot a work of art that you like but doesn’t quite fit your space, contact our expert immediately and without a doubt. We can find you a similar item in terms of style, but whose character suits you better. Also, don’t forget the truth: art is personal. What one person likes will not suit another at all.


Even the most perfect space in terms of design and architecture will not be alive without art. This idea was expressed with the most precision by the French artist Claire Basler: “Art must surround the spectator from all sides, suck him into the whirlwind of colors and emotions.” We can only agree with that!

In fact, there are 3 options for art-interior relationships:

– When the border between art and interior has been blurred (for example, Basler’s personal interior, where the walls play the role of canvases);

– When the interior is built around an art object or an entire art collection;

– When art is integrated into a finished or almost finished interior at the last stage of the project.

As a gallery, we are actively working on the third and second points. The integration of art into a finished or almost finished interior is the shortest path, which allows, even after many changes, to play with the reorganization of works of art or to replace them with new ones. Most often, this integration is based on your personal feelings and sympathy for a particular art object.

Building an interior around a work of art is a longer and more fundamental approach. In this case, we actively cooperate with an architect and interior designer, but we can also use artists to create absolutely unique masterpieces on order.

When choosing a work of art, it is important to remember that works of art travel with their owners from house to house. Therefore, a person’s emotional connection with the artwork is more important than the interplay of the colors of the interior and the artwork.

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