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Three reasons to invest in contemporary art

A booming market

Until the late 1990s, contemporary art was a marginal segment of the art market. Today, it represents 15% of global fine art auction sales and is the main driver of its growth: in 20 years, its growth has amounted to 2.100%.

Over the past 20 years, the contemporary art market has undergone profound structural changes: more and more artists (from 5,400 to nearly 32,000 presented on the auction market today), more and more in addition to works (from 12,000 to 123,000 lots). The market has developed and expanded geographically (from 39 to 64 countries participating in auctions). Its growth has accelerated with the proliferation of remote transactions and today constitutes the most dynamic and profitable segment of the entire art market.

The uniqueness of each work of art determines the reliability of the investment in art. And that is exactly what the unique, high quality art you can find in our gallery is. We only work with reliable and internationally in demand artists. Therefore, your purchase of art from us is always an investment. In addition, by offering flexible financial terms, art rental, worldwide delivery and online tours, we expand your shopping possibilities and the subsequent pleasure of interacting with the objects of art you like.


Values ​​and traditions

Since the dawn of time, art has always allowed humanity to develop, dream, contemplate and understand the mysteries of creation. Without a precise definition, art can express itself through a number of concepts and ideas, in which everyone will find something of their own: beauty, emotions, value. Art is an extremely delicate subject that requires a special approach and understanding. It is important not only to appreciate it, but also to be able to understand the art. If everything is quite simple with classical forms and genres, contemporary art sometimes requires a particular interpretive fantasy or a good medium capable of revealing the concept and the intention of the artist. This is why our gallery not only selects the best art objects, but also ensures a direct connection between buyer and artist. Any art object acquired can become the start of a new tradition: collection, gifts, special communication, etc.

Spiritual goods

We do not view art solely in terms of a financial or tangible asset. Each art object in our gallery is above all a speech and a special message from the artist, his mood, his philosophy and his message, filled with a socio-cultural context.

The optical and kinetic work of Patrick Rubinstein thematically continues to flirt with pop culture as Andy Warhol or Jean-Michel Basquiat did in their time. The artist’s work with perspective is astonishing and poignantly touches on the question of the gaps in our visual perception, taking us to new dimensions, opening up new horizons. We see how the constant becomes dynamic, how the images of 20th century pop culture travel into our modernity.

For example, Richard Orlinski’s sculptures show how easily an art form can neutralize aggression, how playing with flowers turns wild animals into positive art forms, and how art itself allows us not to be afraid, but to observe and appreciate.

Andrea Roggi’s amazing Trees of Life are like a teleporter to the meanings and images of ancient religions. Looking at them we see the entire symbolic history of the universe, and this metaphysical motif simultaneously takes us back to the past, roots us in the present, and allows us to look to the future.

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