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How did you come into contact with contemporary art?

I remember that in my nursery there was a Vasarely poster hanging. I must have been about twelve years old when I got it. I was intrigued by these geometric shapes and these colors so neat. It was in the seventies and this kinetic art was in the air of the time.

Where did you train?

When I was growing up, I worked in the Grand Boulevards area and very quickly during lunch I started going to the Drouot Hotel. That’s when I learned my trade, watching the auctions.
I began to acquire works based on my modest resources.
I got into it.

How did you come to become a gallerist?

Little by little in the 1980s thanks to meetings of artists and people recognized in the trade, I became an international exhibition curator for great artists such as Antoine Bourdelle or Messagier, Bernard Buffet and Vasarely, like a wink to my childhood!
And one thing led to another, in the 1990s, I decided to open my first gallery near Place St Michel, quai des Grands Augustins.

A few years later, I met my partner Olivier W, an enlightened amateur of contemporary art, and together we decided to open a gallery in Belgium at Knokke le Zoute on the dike facing the sea. The choice of our artists made a hit and very quickly, this gallery became a friendly and essential place of the Belgian coast.

To continue our adventure,
we decided to open a new gallery on the French Riviera in Nice. This is our new challenge and we are very excited. It is with joy that my daughter Léa decides to join the adventure. It is a family story and love of art and artists that continues

Which artists do you prefer?

From the outset, I will say living artists. Artists we love, with whom we have real relationships and exchanges. We can defend them because we understand their message. Artists who live in their time.

And how do you see the future?

The arrival of social media has forced us to think about new ways of working.
Leasing and the rapprochement with companies seems to be a new approach that we are going to favour.


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