Leasing or financial leasing, without personal contribution


The investment is smoothed over several months in order to distribute the costs for optimal tax exemption.(Between 13 and 48 months)


Rents are considered as operating expenses 100% deductible from taxable income.


By exercising the purchase option, for 3% of the amount financed you become the owner of the work.




  • You have no limit on the amount that can be deducted from tax, but we make sure to respect a balance between your turnover, the amount of the work to finance and monthly payments.
  • You record each of the rents as expenses deductible from your taxable profit (optimal tax exemption – Article 39-1-1 ° of the CGI).
  • You do not impact the apparent debt of your business.
  • You keep your investment capacity intact.
  • You act positively on the well-being of your employees and customers by arranging your professional spaces.
  • You have the choice to rent works by living artists or not.
  • You finance works of art over the period best suited to cash flow of your company and best suited to your wishes for the constitution of artistic heritage.
  • You use an innovative communication tool and you benefit from important commercial counterparts with your customers, partners and future customers.

You deduct from your taxable profit 100% of the rents paid!

The work is then depreciable in the same way as any what business equipment that would be leased.

Leasing creates an operating expense that reduces taxable income and lighten the IS or IRPP of the company allowing great tax savings.

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Simulations examples

Amount of the work to be financed: 20 000 euros

Simulation oeuvre à financer à 20000 euros

Amount of the work to be financed: 40 000 euros

Simulation oeuvre à financer à 40000 euros

Amount of the work to be financed: 60 000 euros

Simulation oeuvre à financer à 40000 euros

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