Paul Day

Paul Day is a British sculptor born in 1967 in Horsham, Sussex. His main works, in bronze, resin or terracotta, are bas- or high-reliefs, sculptures and trompe-l’oeil which have been exhibited throughout Europe. It is based on the representation of the real world and is inspired by human figures to bring them to life amidst urban settings that seem to come out of a comic book ..

For his works, Paul Day designs the first jets in terracotta and thus studies the light to give, by fleeting and unusual lines, a specificity to the material: the absorption of light. He also adds a play of volumes and perspectives which disturbs the real scales and crushes or enlarges the characters of the scenes. By this work and the theatrical atmosphere created, the eye and the attention of the beholder are captivated

Today, he is internationally recognized by his works disseminated in public places all over Europe, where they can be admired by all. By the monumentality of his sculptures and his personal treatment of space, he is defined as an adventurous sculptor and against the grain of artistic fashions.


Talking heads


L’homme au téléphone



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