Vincent Breed

Dutch glass artist Vincent Breed lives and works near Lyon. Arrived at 12 years old from Haarlem, the Netherlands to Burgundy, Vincent Breed knows a revelation when he meets glass during his studies in Decorative Arts. He then continued his career by working alongside internationally renowned master glassmakers.

Perfectionist and knowledgeable technician, he approaches glass as a medium for plastic expression. His taste for thought-out and mastered forms leads him to focus on blowing, the noblest mode of expression in glass.

His work has been at the Murano Glass Museum, at the Hotel Murano in Paris, at the Design Center in NYC but also in Monte-Carlo, Beirut, Moscow, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Vincent Breed was the sole professional representative of French glass art at the 2011 Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art.


Totem Argenté 1
H140 cm

Totem Argenté 2
H120 cm 

Totems Blancs
H70 – H90 – H100 cm

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