Joel Amit

Joel Amit, a versatile figure encompassing the roles of artist, designer, and architect, is rooted in Israel. Born in Jerusalem in 1982, he thrives within his homeland, leaving his creative mark in diverse spheres. Utilizing laser-cut metal, Amit crafts both intimate domestic wall sculptures and grand public installations. Drawing inspiration from the symbiosis of nature and technology, he skillfully captures the essence of life's spontaneity in a digital age. Vividly painted metal pieces strategically layered in different planes compose his works, contributing to their rhythmic energy.
Amit's creative focus centers on the concept of the 'Power of Many,' perpetually exploring the wonder within the visualization of multiple objects arranged in seemingly random yet interconnected patterns. Through manipulation of layout and density within a three-dimensional space, he aims to impart a sense of motion and evoke an imagined fourth dimension of time.