Tania Boucart

Fascinated since childhood by the earth and the animal kingdom, it is naturally towards animal sculpture that her work has turned. Whether sandstone or Raku, his bestiary adopts all animals and all are unique pieces that are both lively and expressive.
Its turtles, hippopotamuses and other bears unreservedly attract the curiosity of the public. His bestiary, whether stoneware or raku adopts all animals, all volumes combined and all his creations are unique pieces that are both lively and expressive.
Several times winner of regional and national prizes, Tania Boucard passionately pursues the quest to observe animals, whatever they are in France and abroad, in nature itself or even in animal reserves.
Each of her unique pieces requires long days of work from observation to modeling, from drying to firing or even from enamelling to smoking…
When the time comes to part with the animals she has given birth to, Tania Boucard always has a little twinge in her heart “I get very attached to my pieces and I’m always a little sad to see them go, but I know they’ll be fine where they are because the people who buy my animals always have a crush and I know they will take care of it ».