Hom Nguyen

Hom Nguyen is a Franco-Vietnamese artist born in 1972. He leaves and works in Paris. Hom Nguyen’s style, in its connection with expressionism, speaks to everyone, with immediacy. His unique approach vibrates with contained vivacity revealing a connection to Western culture – totally free, without boundaries, leading him towards other traditions like Asian art and philosophy, calligraphy, and Chan Buddhism.
 The artist’s work is a matter of existential commitment. It keeps a record of the ordeals experienced. It tells the truth, revealing it more extensively, and with deeper intensity. Hom Nguyen’s art merges the visible with the invisible, intimate whims with fleeting dreams. In perpetual movement, incessantly renewing themselves, constantly experimenting with different mediums, Hom Nguyen’s lines give form to, and simultaneously disfigure, the image emerging from a magma of overlapping tangles and spider-like superimpositions.
  Between imprint and dissolution, temporary and eternal, Hom Nguyen’s style is particularly sensitive to the human values he embodies and conveys: a sentiment of appeasement, respect, and communion. Values which for him are the foundation of all art, like a path that links one human being to another, and all of us to each other.