Falcone, a 26-year-old artist and designer, introduces his inaugural series of works exclusively showcased at the Mickaël Marciano galleries. Bridging the gap between experiential and contemplative art, he employs materials such as LEDs, neon lights, optical fibers, and mirrors to immerse viewers in a live encounter with his creations. In a lineage reminiscent of kinetic artists, Falcone manipulates spaces through interplays of light and the illusion of infinity, challenging conventional visual codes and provoking questions about the limitations of perception. Drawing inspiration from current trends and nostalgic echoes of the past, particularly the 80s, his pieces often incorporate vibrant pop motifs ranging from Star Wars to electric guitars. By utilizing elements like LEDs, neon, optical fiber, and mirrors, Falcone crafts pieces that offer both contemplative moments and immersive experiences, disrupting visual conventions and prompting viewers to reconsider the reliability of their own sight. Through his adept manipulation of visual illusions, he successfully subverts traditional codes and engages audiences in the mesmerizing play of infinite reflections cast by spotlights.