Andrea Roggi

Andrea Roggi was born in Tuscany in 1962. Since his adolescence, an artist’s soul is revealed in him. He likes to paint but also to write poetry. During one of his visits to the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Andrea was captivated by the trompe-l’oeil effect of Masaccio’s fresco: The Trinity. It is the triggering element. Indeed, the plays of reliefs and the three-dimensionality impassioned him for a long time. From then on, it is sculpture that will have his favors.
He begins by working the bronze, exploiting the method of the casting with the lost wax. But Andrea wishes to go further and does not hesitate to launch out in parallel in studies of chemistry and metallurgy chemistry and metallurgy, which allows him to perfect and personalize his technique.
This is how he developed a patina of multiple colors that he applied to his bronzes, giving them a delicious originality. Recently, he began to work with another material specific to the quarries of his native Italy: marble.