Giacinto Bosco

Giacinto Bosco, of Sicilian origin, started working with local artisans at a very young age, and apprenticed as an artistic founder after moving to Milan at the age of 15. The foundry where he worked was also a meeting place for sculptors and artists, who were a source of inspiration and stimulation as a young man.

His “Aphorisms of the Moon” reflect his passage to a more poetic dimension in which his dreamlike imagination is transformed and shaped into sculptures. Bosco’s unconventional means of expression are a simple way to push against contemporary experimentation with unusual materials, to desecrate what is vibrant and beautiful in art, and to declare its demise irreversible. His sculptural sensibility creates a lyrical synthesis and a poetic awakening of sensibilities whose meanings seemed to have been lost.

Bosco’s works follow the expressive traditions of the late 20th century, while incorporating the timeless themes of a love story. His pieces are rendered in full relief using bronze sculpture techniques and encourage the viewer to reflect on his unique ability to combine historic craftsmanship with highly original execution techniques. His sculptural tales highlight an art form that speaks to the subconscious and encourages cultural investigation and subjective introspection. Their magical compositions bring matter to life and communicate both a candid lightness and an obscure allusion. His characters are both nostalgic and simple, inspiring and inspired by old fundamental feelings.


Dreamland dyptique

Ti prometto la luna

Luna Caprese

Colgo la luna


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