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Paul Alexis

Paul Alexis was born on May 9, 1947 in Arras, France. The death of his mother at the age of four months will mark his childhood. The painter himself will say that his artistic approach lies in the relationship “from the intimate to the memory, from the memory to the memory, from the memory to the trace, to the dream, to the icons.

From this emotional emptiness result his strengths, his weaknesses and a great sensitivity. To console himself, Paul Alexis creates a secret and imaginary world. He paints, draws, writes and reads diligently. He wants to become a designer and reverse trends.

Paul Alexis pursues his existence as an artist by practicing non-violent painting that seeks to provoke questioning, to see beyond appearances, to rediscover the games of childhood with all the mysteries that accompany them, in a word. he becomes the painter of mystery. He scrutinizes his environment and his time, tracks the images and what symbolizes them to better leave the “photographed” trace, to restore to us what fixes in our memory an emotion, an event or a character.

Paul Alexis is co-founder of “Art en Capital” and President of the Salon Comparaisons in Paris as well as Vice-President of the Salon Historique du Grand Palais. For his work and activity, he has received numerous awards, including the Taylor Foundation Award and the Reader’s Digest Foundation Award. He also received the most important French decorations including those of Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur and Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.


128 X 116 cm


Jan Van Eyck
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Audrey Hepburn
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