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Finding works of art is one of the most basic tasks of interior design. They bring emotions, individuality ... However, this does

Momentum Art Gallery, is above all the story of a dream. The dream of a man who has always been captivated by contemporary art. Since he was twelve in fact, and the acquisition at that time of a poster of Vasarely which changed everything. A man who wished for his passion to have a showcase. A case where he could exhibit, promote, exchange, surprise, discover, advise. All this at the same time!

Momentum Art Gallery is also the story of a friendship with Olivier W. which led to the opening, more than twenty years ago now, of a first gallery in Belgium. More exactly on the coast in Knokke-Le-Zoute. This seaside resort, a mecca for art and culture, is the perfect setting to welcome artists from all over Europe and their works. On the seawall, facing the sea, one is easily lulled by the creativity and originality that are omnipresent in our galerie now a must for the destination.

In 2020, the story takes a nice family dimension with the arrival of the sparkling Léa Marciano who joins the adventure. Lea is now in charge of our second gallery which opened on the French Riviera, in Nice. In the heart of the emblematic and traditional Cours Saleya, the choice of the building we have invested in is not insignificant. Indeed, if you look closely, you will recognize the iconic ochre façade of the building where Henri Matisse lived for many years. A nice symbol!

The artists we work with come from many different countries, but we also make a point of exhibiting local figures. However, they all have in common that they have established a sincere and warm relationship with us. Painters or sculptorsThey are resolutely anchored in their time. We know them all personally and they trust us to be the perfect ambassadors of their respective works and their philosophy. Thus, the famous animals of Richard Orlinski, the colorful universe of David Gerstein, optical and kinetic art of Patrick Rubinstein, the bronze works ofAndrea Roggi, but also the practices of Antonio Segui or the human figures of Paul Day are as many universes and fabulous pieces to discover in our spaces.

The avowed objective? To contribute to the influence of each of these artists by presenting their work to visitors, whether they are collectors, enthusiasts or simply curious, in order to, who knows, trigger a love affair. We wanted our galleries to be above all a place of discovery based on exchange and conviviality in which our teams have only one wish: to listen to you, to guide you and to share with you the same passion for contemporary art.

Nous sommes également présents pour vous conseiller sur la gestion de votre patrimoine artistique. Advantageous tax solutions exist to allow you to invest in a work of art. This can be done in the context of a leasing or rental financial. Our advisors are at your entire disposal to carry out simulations specific to your acquisition project.

Momentum Galerie d’Art Nice

The cours Saleya, its stalls with a thousand perfumes, its flower market, its shimmering colors. Along the cobblestones, market gardeners, restaurant owners, regulars, tourists and the curious meet. But did you know? This emblematic square of Nice is also very popular with artists. What better place to open a gallery here on the Côte d’Azur? It is in 2020 that Momentum Art Gallery opened its second address (after Knokke-le-Zoute in Belgium) at number 1 of the Place Charles Felix. It was a real coup de coeur for this place full of history: illustrious guest of this building, Henri Matisse lived there from 1921 to 1938.

Galerie d’art à Nice

The idea? To create a place that honors contemporary art in its many forms as well as artists from all walks of life. When you enter the gallery, you will be surprised by the works of Richard Orlinski, Patrick Rubinstein, David Gerstein or Charles Pazzino. Because we are located in the heart of the Riviera, it seemed only natural that we should also highlight local figures. This is why we wanted to present and promote the work of local artists such as François Nasica’s playful and colorful canvases or Yaniv Edery’s unique technique of working on resin.

Our expertise both in terms of interior and exterior decoration, accompanies you in each of your projects thanks to a large selection of paintings and sculptures. We also specialize in advising you on financing a work of art through leasing. This type of financing offers many tax advantages. The director of the gallery Léa Marciano and her team welcome you every day from 10 am to 6 pm and on Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm.

Momentum Galerie d’Art Belgium

Our small seaside resort of Knokke of almost 35,000 souls is particularly popular with visitors, thanks to the charming assets of the Flemish coast, but also and above all thanks to the richness, diversity and value of the services offered, not only artistic but also gastronomic. It is the city of fine arts par excellence. Knokke has a real artistic vocation and you can enjoy the works of the Momentum Art Gallery even outdoors.
Some famous artists were born or lived in Knokke, and, to quote the most popular, Jean Claude Vandamme has a second home there!
As soon as one has the ambition to present Art, Knokke is a must for everyone, amateurs and artists.

Galerie d’art Knokke
The Momentum Art Gallery is located on the seaside dike in Knokke Le Zoute therefore easily accessible. It has been designed to be visible to the public. We are happy to participate in making the city even more beautiful as a propagator of “emotional matter”.
We love contemporary art in all its forms: sculptures, paintings; all materials from resin to glass, from bronze to gold leaf; we are adept at shapes, movement, the play of light, modernity, the message.
We permanently exhibit some internationally renowned artists that we can follow in the evolution of their work but we also discover new talents that correspond to our state of mind: contemporary and popular.
Meet us crossing the beach from the Indi Beach Club Knokke or after tasting a lobster, the local specialty.

Because of our proximity to the artists who exhibit with us, we will have at heart to deliver the message of the works that touch you, to transmit you this memorial and sensory heritage and to communicate our passion.

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