Patrick Rubinstein

Patrick Rubinstein is a French optical and kinetic artist. If he does not belong to the generation of the precursors of this genre, he knew how to renew the genre. These artistic movements play on the faults of our visual perception, often expressed in a geometric expression. The work is no longer seen as a frozen representation in two or three dimensions, but it is able to surprise the viewer by creating the illusion of other dimensions; the movement can serve this purpose. Patrick Rubinstein grew up in Paris in a family that educated him about art. In his early years of adulthood, he was greatly impressed by these artists: Soto, Cruz Diez, Yacov Agam, or Vazarely. They will have a determining influence in his art. However, for Patrick Rubinstein, for a work to be successful, it must not only create surprise through movement or illusion, but it must also be able to provide emotion. The artist, in this sense, breaks with the founders of these movements by using figuration as the engine of his creation. He draws this emotion from the colorful universe of American Pop Art and the icons that rocked his adolescence. From this fusion was born the concept of Kinetic Pop Art by Patrick Rubinstein, which will ensure him an international notoriety.

He also transcribes this emotion in the works of Exceptions. The term is intentionally ambivalent, covering the notions of exception and exceptional. In this process, the artist is in an abstract and poetic expression. The color palette is reduced to the essentials and the shapes are surrounded by precious metallic materials. The massive presence of these materials confers new perceptions. Change no longer comes only through movement, but also through the variation and orientation of natural light. It is therefore a major innovation in the optical and kinetic arts. If we therefore had to summarize his work; Surprise and emotion would be his key words.


Love Is Luxe

Love pops out of Art

Pop everywhere!

Pop art explosion

Bang! Blop! Wizz!

Yellow winner

Dame florentine

My dear frida

Red is for love

Art explosion

Mona La Magnifique

All about Marylin
139×110 cm 

All the People
90×90 cm 

Amour Hippie
113×113 cm 

Beautiful Leaves
114×114 cm 

Blond Addiction
178×139 cm 

Can’t Get Enough
91×67 cm 

Coeur Boum Wahou
189×64 cm 

Colorful de Lempicka
113×113 cm 

Colorful Street
113×113 cm 

Crazy Art
75×155 cm 

Ecailles Chinées
113×113 cm 

Envolée Nocturne
110×210 cm 

Explosion of Pop Love
138×100 cm 

Explosive Relationship
138×100 cm 

Fabulous Pop Explosion
150×100 cm 

Famous Whaam
113×113 cm 

Fusion of Shapes
114×114 cm 

Golden Leaves
114×114 cm 

Hop Pop Pop
39×113 cm 

170×170 cm 

La Folie des Marques
72×48 cm 

La Jolie Mona
78×42 cm 

La Mystérieuse
98×74 cm 

La tête dans les nuages
140×140 cm 

Lady of the Flowers
114×114 cm 

Lady Panda
72×48 cm 

Le Dictateur Coloré
72×48 cm 

Le Mepris
100×100 cm 

Love and Gold
170×170 cm 

Lovely Love Song
72×48 cm 

Mer et Terre of Love
114×114 cm 

Mona Mona Mona
100×150 cm 

Moon of My Life
139×139 cm 

Multi Ladies
114×114 cm 

Multi Marilyn
65×140 cm 

New Yorkers
100×180 cm 

Only True Love
65×140 cm 

Slinky Parfum
70×180 cm 

Soupi Soupa
72×48 cm 

Sparkly Love
113×113 cm 

Super Méga Love
106×106 cm 

Sweet Scent
51×119 cm 

Technical Love

The great Monroe
156×120 cm 

This is Mickey
113×113 cm 

Trop beau pour être vrai
165×165 cm 

Un rêve de Marylin
156×120 cm 

Une Diva, du pop, flouze, rock
39×113 cm 

Vincent the Artist
138×100 cm 

Wahou Warhol
95×148 cm 

We are the love
72×48 cm 

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