Jean-Louis Corby

Born in Paris in 1951, Jean-Louis Corby lives and works in Haute-Provence

“The human being that Corby invented is represented in his duplicity, his strength, his flexibility, his lack of freedom or his moving way of escaping or not the obstacles imposed on him, his triumphs, his universal plastic language and in same personal and unique time that captures each of us in our most intimate consciousness. This is explained by the abstraction of movement and the meticulous individuality of the fingers and toes, by the impressive and ubiquitous presence of the bronze or terracotta cage and the graceful and meaningful movements of the arms, by the compact allure. of the body which announces a fundamental impulse and also suggests the refinement of an identity, by a presence which seems to be a response to the enormous weight carried by the individual.

Corby is a master in the art of giving shape to a somewhat abstract general thought like a crack, a rupture, the uncertainty, the imbalance and also of integrating in the character a more concrete data like “suitcases”, “stilts” and “liberation”.


Le Pont

Homme volontaire



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